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Developing and enhancing your body's energy using breathing techniques and exercise.  Qigong also helps increase immune system function and calming the mind through relaxation techniques.

Qigong is taught on a private lesson basis.

Sun Ki Do

Sun Ki Do is a health-based martial art developed by Grandmaster Hyong Shin by combining and honing techniques and philosophies of yoga, thai chi, qi gong and acupuncture.  Just a few of its benefits include increase immune system function, higher energy levels, greater flexibility, improved sleep, better relaxation, and a sharper and more alert mind.

Sun Ki Do is taught on a private lesson basis.

Continue reading for more information regarding Grandmaster Shin's development of Sun Ki Do.

For over 35 years, Grandmaster Hyong Shin has studied martial arts and oriental medicine through learning, training and teaching. He has gained direct and indirect knowledge and developed his own philosophy of how to build and maintain one’s health and happiness. Through his experience and practice he has developed a medical martial art called Sun Ki Do and it has become his desire to share is experience, knowledge and techniques with those who wish to learn.

"Now that I am good enough of age I seriously understand that a human’s best treasure is his health, to be happy, and to bring happiness to one’s family and bring peace to all.  To do so, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind and body.  If my mind and body are under control I will have happiness both now and in the future." - Grandmaster Hyong Shin
Sun Ki Do means a complete holistic exercise to control the mind and body and its basic theory may be summarized as follows:
Sun Ki Do develops the body, mind and spirit through specialized breathing, martial arts exercises and holistic health methods.  Ancient oriental medical arts such as Ki Gong, Yoga, Tai Chi, acupuncture and other practical medical martial arts are the basis of Sun Ki Do.  Sun Ki Do specializes as a true medical martial art designed to prevent and treat disease holistically.  This is accomplished by learning to control one's concentration, breathing, posture, diet, thought, livelihood and actions.  To fully achieve and maintain the benefits of Sun Ki Do, one must practice sincerely and consistently.  This cannot be emphasized enough.

In the philosophy of Sun Ki Do, the mind is the source of all things.  Therefore, those who are seeking good health should keep their mind pure.  Chasing after fame, fortune and love affairs for example are false treasures that momentarily appear and then disappear.  A man is foolish to cherish desires for privileges, promotion, profits and honor, because such desires can never bring happiness but will bring suffering instead.  At the same time, one shouldn’t mourn for the past, worry about the future or anticipate troubles but live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.

A human’s worst enemy will always be disease.  Disease may strike anytime, anywhere and can strike anyone.  There are causes for all human disease and according to Sun Ki Do philosophy there is a way by which they may be ended. Everything in the world is a vast concurrence of causes and conditions and many things change and disappear as these causes and conditions change and pass away.  We must build our health when we are healthy and not wait until illness sets in.  And this begins by controlling our mind to be disciplined which allows us to control our bodies.

I have studied martial arts and oriental medicine for a long time.  I have much learning and training and have taught as well.  Through both direct and indirect experience, I have developed my own knowledge and wisdom.  If everyone pays attention to the management of one’s health then they have a much better chance to be safe and remain free of dependence on medicine.  It may sound trivial, but in May 1979 when I immigrated to the United States I worked almost 16 hours a day, 6 days a week and got 4 hours of sleep each day.  But I was never sick.  My good health is the reason I developed Sun Ki Do.  I want to distribute my knowledge, experience and techniques among those who want to develop and promote health." - Grandmaster Hyong Shin

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