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Youth Programs

Our youth programs focus on character-building first. There are two classes available. One is designed for kids 9 and under, and the other is for kids ages 10 and up. ​The 5 tenets of taekwondo, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and indomitable spirit are taught, in addition to helping others and staying focused in school.

Youth programs offer great social outlets for kids, especially during trying times where schools are online.  They can see and visit their peers, get much needed exercise and relieve the stress of a non-normal life.

Taekwondo techniques are taught to enable students to develop strength, coordination, balance and agility.  Techniques become more challenging as students advance and through their acheivements their self confidence and self-esteem grow by leaps and bounds.

Students are taught age-appropriate self-defense strategies and techniques as their experience level increases.

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Our adult martial arts classes focus on developing and maintaining a heathy body and mind while learning a combination of taekwondo and hapkido.

Olympic Taekwondo - Team Integrity

Olympic Taekwondo is for those students with an interest in competitive martial arts.  Events normally include poomsae (forms), sparring, and board breaking.

We don't require our students to compete, but there are many benefits to competing.  Students preparing for competition add a rigorous training regimen to build greater speed, power and flexibility as well as physical conditioning and edurance.  Even if a student doesn't want to compete but wants to get into better shape, the workout will definitely achieve many goals.

In addition to the physical benefits students who compete experience higher levels of self-confidence, teamwork and sportsmanship.

Students may compete on levels from beginner to advanced at tournaments ranging from local tournaments, to state and national championship tournaments to international world-class black belt tournaments.

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