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This program is fun and challenging!  Developed by the crew at Juice Compound, the Youth Empowerment Systems (Y.E.S.) is a character-driven, level-based exercise program for kids that can provide life-changing benefits and build a better future for our youth!

Y.E.S. combines the character development aspects found in martial arts classes with a great exercise program specifically designed for kids.

Our goal is to teach tactics that build strength, discipline and character. Increased physical fitness and resiliency in tandem with teaching kindness, forgiveness, leadership and integrity.
You can find more information about this awesome program and its development at

Do not miss this opportunity, Enroll your child in this life changing empowerment program!  To secure your child’s admission and receive a free one on one evaluation contact us today!

Your kids will develop leadership qualities and become mentally strong through our character development system.

Kids & Teens need consistent goals to strive for. Our proven Level System helps them understand exactly how to succeed, and keep them engaged.

The ONLY kids & teen program in the country developed 100% from athletes & coaches from the US Olympic Training Center & trainers of Olympians.

The Youth Empowerment Systems program is held Wednesday and Fridays from 4pm-5pm.

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